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If you'd rather fill out a form offline, please download the form below.

Download the blank form by clicking the icon below. Once complete, you can submit your nomination using the upload feature on this page.

Please read our Top Tips page before starting your nomination!

Complete this Nomination Form and it could be your company enjoying that exciting moment hearing “and the Winner is…” at Creative Bath Awards.

We’re keen for you to have the best possible opportunity of impressing our Judges with your nomination.

Before you start your application follow these tips:
  • Check out our Top Tips for writing a winning Nomination
  • Look at the Categories to decide which one(s) are most suitable
  • If your organisation is international/national please focus your Nomination on just the Bath area
  • Please complete all sections

Weighting of answers

Please bear in mind when nominating that our Judges are guided to weight your nominations in the following way:

Evidence of excellence & response to pandemic 35%
Quality of Nomination 25%
Distinctiveness of offering 15%
Civic/Charity/Ecological 15%
Testimonials 10%

Supporting material

  • You may upload supporting material alongside your Entry. This might be visual assets, figures, photos, charts, promotional packs – any documents which back up your submission to the Awards. Your supporting material should be no longer than four sides of A4, any documents supplied that are longer than 4 sides will not be submitted to the Judges at all
  • It must be submitted at the same time as your Entry Form
  • It should not include any links to external webpages (this includes the Entry Form). Our Judges receive a printed copy of all Entry Forms and will not be referring to material outside of it.
  • We also request an image that represents your business or project as well as your company logo for use on the Awards night

If you have any questions please contact us:
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 01225 475 821

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